The Shuvit

The shuvit is the first trick that can actually be considered a trick. An ollie is mainly for movement and getting up places, but a shuvit is the shuvit is the first time the board gets away from your feet and then returns, while an ollie is always is contact with your feet

Foot Positioning:

Similar to an ollie, your feet are both perpendicular to the board. The back foot is in the same position as an ollie, maybe an inch forward. The front foot is on the bottom left of the front bolts. A big problem with shuvits is the board fliping over halfway, and this will stop that from happening.

Trick Breakdown:

During a shuvit, you pop the board with the back foot, and then your front foot lifts up and does nothing other than that. Once the board is rotated 180 degrees under your feet, you catch the board with your feet, and land.

Practice Step 1:

The first thing to do when learning this trick is to start rolling forward, and then get your feet in the position, and try to do the trick but don't land on it. This will help you get used the the motion and learn how to rotate it the perfect amount.

Practice Step 2:

Once you have the rotation good, try catching the board with ust the front foot, this will start the process of actually landing on the board. After you get good at that, try to land on the board with both feet.


A shuvit is an essential trick in skateboard, it can be found someway in almost every trick where the board rotates

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