The Ollie

The ollie is the first trick that most people learn. While it seems relatively simple, when you're first learning it can be a challenge. Before you learn this trick you'll want to be able to ride around on your board comfortably, so you don't lose balance easily.

Foot Positioning:

Both feet are perpendicular to the board. the back foot is in the middle of the tail with the toes in contact with the board with the heel in the air, similar to if you were stading on your tippy-toes. the front foot is just perpendicular, but the area that it is can range, i personally like to put it in the middle of the board, but when learning the best position is probably right behind the front bolts.

Trick Breakdown:

During an ollie the first movement is pushing down on the tail to make the board "pop". This will make the nose higher in the air. The next step is to slide your front foot up the board, and your front foot is going to be sliding not with the sole of the shoe, but you'll instead turn your foot so that the fabric part is making contact. This will cause your board to even out midair, causing both the nose and tail of the board to be midair. After that you just stay ontop and land.

Practice Step 1:

The first way to practice this trick is to be on your board on a place where it wont roll (like grass or carpet). You'll want to push down on the tail nose get the nose into the air, ad then slide your foot up the way described in the previous paragraph. This will get you used to the motion of slidding your foot up the board, and will raise the confidence you have while actually performing the trick. After that you releive pressure from the tail of the board, and that will set the board flat on the ground again, then repeat until you feel confident.

Practice Step 2:

After you start getting the tail of the board off the grass, you should then try to practice it rolling. It's the same motion, you're just moving now.


The more you do ollies, the more your mind and body begins to understand it, and your ollies will be more confident and get higher and higher.

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