The Nollie

The nollie can be a very annoying trick to learn, as not only is this the first time you'll be popping from the nose, but you'll also be popping with the front foot. While it's not a very exciting thing to learn, it is one fo the most essential tricks, and once you learn how to perform it well it can be a beautiful trick.

Foot Positioning:

This is exactly the same as the ollie, except that your feet are switched. So both feet are perpendicular, but this time the front foot is similar to the tippy-toes and in the middle of the nose, and the back foot is right behind the back bolts ready to slide up.

Trick Breakdown:

You start going forward, and once your feet are in position you pop down with the front foot, and slide the back foot up the tail. This will cause the board to even out, and then you land. It will actually take a while to get the board to even out completely, but the more you do nollies the better they'll become.

Practice Step 1:

Put the board in a place where it won't roll, and try to do switch ollies. Switch ollies are pretty much ollies but with the feet switched, so if normally your right foot is on the tail, your left foot will be on the tail instead.

Practice Step 2:

After you learn how to get switch ollies off the ground, try to do them rolling. This'll get you used to the feeling of poppig with your left foot while rolling

Practice Step 3:

Now you need to learn how to fakie ollie. This is an ollie going backwards, so the foot the pops the ollie normally will be on the nose.

Practice Step 4:

Now that you know how to ollie going backwards, and you know how to ollie with what is normally your front foot, you need to combine those and do a nollie. Since you know these tricks now it shouldn't be too difficult, but it may help to start by landing with only your front foot on the board first.


Nollie tricks are a whole new world in skateboarding, and if you learn all the tricks you learn in all positions (regular, switch, fakie, and nollie) it will make you not only a better skater, but much more patient and incredible.

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